Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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-"Make your own Maenad", or "The Wandering Womb"

Plato had a theory that a woman's womb was displaced if she displayed any anxiety. The Greeks had a rather crude method of putting it back in place. Thankfully Galen spoke out about these treatments covertly given to woman dressed in various different ways, the end result was madness.....


Monday, March 14, 2016

Calling Space Ghost. Come in Space Ghost.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

What may look like juno, could be Lucretia. When Brutus learned of her suicide (attempted suicide) after being violated by the prince, rather than live with the humiliation. The infuriated Brutus obtained the aid of Lucretia's uncle, they then proceeded to the senate where Brutus declares himself God//Emperor. Of course, if the knife is stopped, Lucretia becomes Empress by proxy. Anyway, this triggered the start of New Rome and the destruction of the King and his Men.  Brutus had the only ideology that matters, the brutal rule of power. He walked over the kingdom with little struggle..The way I see it, several plot options are available. We also have to keep in mind that there were assassins, they had been cultivating her madness and suicidal thoughts under order of the prince. They were not elements of the story but were most certainly there. Often, they would be family friends, or someone close, and wh0 you would least suspect. Her self destruction was subtlety cultivated by these devils, they also let her feel like she was in control, when in fact she was being broken down systematically (read that one at the University). Brutus and Lucretia's uncle become unstoppable and dismantle the kingdom, Lucretia dies by the knife, and that's the traditional ending. Certainly if they had not married yet, this might help prevent the death, that and seeing a physician. Physicians might be necessary because poison blades were popular with these scum. Can't think of anything else atm..hmmmmm

just so you know both of these stories are considered the true one. The key I'm getting at is the greek story can become the roman one by adding an element. Lucretia's in a zero sum game, trapped. However things changed, Brutus intervened early, he brought his forces and those of her family, the kingdom had no defenses because they were out in the battlefield. Brutus quickly dispatches his wife to be's enemies, however if she survives that gives her the opportunity to avenge her family that has fallen via the kingdoms treachery, also women can be creative and sexy when taking their enemies out, just a thought.

Forgot that the oracles of Delphi made one solid prediction and one uncertain one.

1. The next conquerer of Rome would kiss his mother. As Brutus leaves the oracle, he falls face first on the ground, kissing his mother and fulfilling the prophecy.

2, The next prophecy is that it is possible that Lucretia or Brutus has a fatal condition and one of them might die in 120 days. The oracle advises a quick marriage in the presence of her Uncle, so long as they marry, if someone dies, they will die happy.

Tyler Durden would certainly be a great general. lol #TylerDurdan #fightclub #killbill #GenteNueva  #LosAnthrax #El12 #R1 #GxNx #Puro701 #G36 #ElChap0Guzman #CDS #ElChapo